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  • Paisano Service & Supply Inc.

    Paisano Service & Supply, Inc. is based in South Texas and provides support services to oilfield operations and utility industries including:

    Transportation and disposal of waste fluids from oil/gas locations to public disposal facilities
    Transportation of storage tanks and equipment to and from oil/gas locations
    Transportation of Non-Hazardous Fluids to oil/gas locations
    Transferring of Fluids at oil/gas locations
    On-site service work at oil/gas location
    Rental of storage tanks to oil/gas companies
    Our support services include:
    Fully operating maintenance facility for all vehicles and equipment
    On call/mobile repair and maintenance of all vehicles and equipment
    Dispatching and Logistics personnel
    Sales, delivery, safety, and clerical staff
    Remote employee transportation service
    24 hour service
    Additional services include rental of mobile frac tanks, open top skid tanks, and containments; green and environmentally friendly chemicals such as KCL Substitute, Packer Fluid, and Biocide; as well as freshwater, treated water, and brine water.

    Hours of Operation 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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